12/12: Universal Health Coverage Day

On 12/12/2012, the United Nations unanimously endorsed a historic resolution urging all countries to push progress towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC). As an essential priority for international development, each year on 12/12 stories of millions of people waiting for health coverage are indicated. By raising their voices, the world should be reminded that health coverage is a need for all. Also, leaders are encouraged to make bigger investments in health.
After a resolution in 2017, this year marks the first time that UHC is an officially recognized UN day of observance.
How to participate?
The UHC Day will raise awareness on Twitter with the hashtag #UHCDay.  Read the story about the beneficiary Nirmaya LamichhaneManju Khatri and Barad Bahadur Dangaura from the national health insurance in Nepal and their enrollment through openIMIS. You can also join the Twitter chat jointly organized by UHC2030, the UHC2030 Civil Society Engagement Mechanism, Management Sciences for Health, Joint Learning Network for UHC and the UHC Day Coalition.