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October 23
openIMIS Newsletter October 2020
Various teams within the openIMIS community have been working on designing and developing new functionality for future releases of the software. As part of the Digital Square Notice D1 efforts, two teams are working on a new module for formal sector health insurance, while a team in Nepal is looking into expanding the…
August 17
openIMIS Newsletter August 2020
An article about openIMIS has been published on Healthy Developments, an online platform of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development which provides information on health and social protection. The article by Karen Birdsall covers the development of openIMIS from a locally designed software to a…
aehin webinar
July 27
July 27 - AeHIN Webinar: Role of openIMIS in the Health Informatics Management course an in MD-MBA curriculum in the Philippines
Did you enjoy last weeks webinar on integrating openIMIS in the public health curriculum? You can learn more on the role of openIMIS in the Health Informatics Management course an in MD-MBA curriculum in the Philippines at the AeHIN Hour webinar on July 22 at 9pm Manila time! Register now at https://t.co/1dIMHjhHS3?amp=1
Aehin webinar
July 17
July 22 - AeHIN Webinar: Integrating health financing and health informatics into a traditional medical curriculum
In our last newsletter we had a look at the ongoing activities in the integration of openIMIS in the postgraduate curriculum in Indonesia. Finally, the exciting webinar series will be continued! Dr. Julis Migriño from San Beda University College of Medicine is joining the AeHINHour on July 22 at 9 PM Manila time.…
July 15
openIMIS Newsletter July 2020
openIMIS Installation and Country Localization We are happy to announce the release of the first session on openIMIS Installation and Country Localization video tutorials, covering Database, Web Application and Windows Services.  You can watch all recordings in the session playlist on the openIMIS Youtube channel. Don't miss…
July 6
openIMIS Installation and Country Localisation Video Tutorials
We are happy to announce the release of the first video tutorial session on 'openIMIS Installation and Country Localisation'. The session covers the legacy openIMIS installation: Database, Web Application and Windows Services. You can find the session playlist on the openIMIS Youtube channel.  Don't…
June 16
openIMIS Newsletter June 2020
As the COVID-19 crisis continues to have drastic effects worldwide, the need for social protection systems, particularly in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) has been amplified. The implementation of efficient, effective, and equitable social protection measures requires the use of complex business processes. Without the…
webinar aehin curriculum
May 26
May 27 - AeHIN webinar: openIMIS inclusion into the curriculum
Dear openIMIS friends,   on May 27th, 3pm CET (9pm Manila time), AeHIN is conduction a webinar on the inclusion of openIMIS into the curriculum. Dr. Anis Fuad will talk about the experiences in exploring opportunities to introduce openIMIS into the curriculum in the Graduate Program of Public Health at the…
May 14
openIMIS Newsletter May 2020
openIMIS Software Release April 2020 There are good news in bad times: despite the major disruptions due to the global pandemic, the Developers Committee managed to wrap up the code changes to the openIMIS software package in time for the April 2020 release. While we were introducing major changes to the framework of the…