AeHIN Webinar: openIMIS on FHIR

Dear openIMIS friends,
On January 28 at 2 PM CET, AeHIN is offering a webinar on the topic "openIMIS on FHIR, the experience of mapping an existing data model to FIHR resources". The speakers will be Kamil Madej, Harsh Atal and Saurav Bhattarai.
But what is FHIR? They are standards for interoperability that allow health systems to have the capability to share electronic health information. 
About the speakers:
Kamil Madej is a software developer and team leader with 6 years experience. I've worked for different projects connected with mobile health: MOTECH, OpenMRS, Connect for Life, TDH, openIMIS. I am a member of the development team in FHIR OpenMRS and FHIR OpenIMIS modules.
Harsh Atal is working as a Software Developer and have 6 years of experience in working on the technical aspects of implementation of DHIS2. I am a member of the team working on openIMIS - DHIS2 integration and the FHIR openIMIS module. 
Saurav Bhattarai is an Adviser at the GIZ Sector Initiative Social Protection, focusing on coordinating the openIMIS initiative. Since 2014, Saurav has supported the implementation of openIMIS to manage the National Social Health Insurance of Nepal. In addition to openIMIS, Saurav has the experience of designing and implementing a variety of digital health tools and is a strong proponent of achieving interoperability between them.

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