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December 17
October Release 2019 of openIMIS
Just in time for Christmas, the openIMIS Developer Committee announces the release of the October version of OpenIMIS. Although we clearly missed the deadline, it was worth waiting: the new release contains most of the programming work that was invested into modularising the architecture of openIMIS and opening up the system…
UHC Day 2019
December 12
openIMIS – Digital contribution to UHC
It's that time again: 12 December, International Universal Health Coverage Day. Every year on this day, advocates worldwide mobilize to call for strong, equitable health systems that leave no one behind.   More and more countries are committing to and working towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC). Since the ratification…
October 29
openIMIS Study Tour Nepal
The Health Insurance Board of Nepal and GIZ Support to the Health Sector Programme in Nepal have organized a 3-day study tour for representatives from the healthcare sector from Cameroon, Nigeria and Myanmar. The main goal of this event at the beginning of October was to allow potential openIMIS users to benefit from the…
April 12
openIMIS webinar
Dear readers, We would like to invite you to join Aehin’s webinar this coming Tuesday, April,16th  at 9 PM Manila time (3pm CET) with Dr. Anis Fuad as speaker. The topic of this week’s webinar is on: “Social Health Insurance in Indonesia: macro illustration for openIMIS use cases“. We are looking forward to having you in this…
March 15
openIMIS news March 2019
Get together of new partners at the international workshop of the openIMIS Implementers Committe As the openIMIS Initiative is growing, this event brought together new partners. was to ensure that new implementing partners and potential user organizations of the Initiative became further familiarized with the mission and vision…
March 11
openIMIS webinar
Dear readers,   We would like to invite you to join Aehin’s webinar this coming Tuesday, MARCH 12, at 9 PM Manila time (2pm CET) with Mr. Silvery Mgonza as speaker. The topic of this week’s webinar is on: “Implementation of CHF-IMIS in Tanzania:Tanzania’s experience in rolling out…
February 25
Nepal’s transition to the latest openIMIS master version
Nepal is undertaking a transition to the latest openIMIS master version to be able to use all the functions the new version offers. After some technical tests of the update, there was a desire for more user evolvement on various levels. So GIZ Nepal decided to organise a two day workshop which participants from…
January 23
Latest openIMIS news
2018 was an exciting year for the openIMIS Initiative! Especially during the last months of 2018, the openIMIS Initiative was able to expand its network and has welcomed the new members. The Initiative is looking forward to working with them this year. In November and December, the openIMIS team also participated in various…
December 12
12/12: Universal Health Coverage Day
On 12/12/2012, the United Nations unanimously endorsed a historic resolution urging all countries to push progress towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC). As an essential priority for international development, each year on 12/12 stories of millions of people waiting for health coverage are indicated. By raising their voices,…