Digital Square- Special call for openIMIS proposals

Digital Square- Special call for openIMIS proposals

Digital Square launched Notice C – special call for openIMIS proposals!
Digital Square is a partnership of the world’s leading digital health experts and organizations working together with countries to strengthen digital health systems in emerging economies. The aim is to help strengthen national digital health systems by coordinating investments into scalable technology solutions and creating an environment in which they can be sustained. By coordinating donor investments, Digital Square helps maximize their impact. As a partner of Digital Square and in line with promoting the collaborative development of proposals for investments in digital health global goods, the openIMIS Initiative calls for proposals to support its modular transformation!
Become part of our community by supporting the modular transformation of openIMIS!
The open source Insurance Management Information System (openIMIS) Initiative envisions a transformation into an MIS which is interoperable with national health information architectures. Digital Square, in coordination with the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), is accepting Applications to further the development of openIMIS according to the priorities and roadmap as described on the openIMIS Wiki.
Technical Requirements – To be eligible for funding your concept note should include the following:
❏ A description of how your solution is interoperable with national health information architectures.
❏ A detailed description of how your solution furthers the development of openIMIS and fits within the priorities and roadmap.
❏ Discussion of project management approach.
❏ Timeline to meet deliverables.
❏ Potential obstacles and plan to overcome them.
Examples of investments that will be made available through this call for Applications include (but are not limited to):
  • Support the development of a community of practice for implementers and developers of openIMIS.
  • Develop a proof-of-concept claim submission, enrollment and/or enrollment verification module with a clinical point of service application using the relevant HL7 FHIR standards. openIMIS would like to see established initiatives operating at the health-facility level to be involved in the development of claiming mechanisms that are based on already existing patient-level data systems (e.g., OpenMRS/Bahmni, RapidPro, CommCare, DHIS2 Tracker, openSRP, etc.).
  • Develop synchronization services with an OpenHIE-compliant Client Registry and Facility Registry.
Applications should be developed with clearly defined and budgeted work packages for each area of activity within the openIMIS priority list. At least USD100,000 will be available to support these activities with the possibility for additional support as further resources are identified.
For more details on the Concept Note requirements, please read the Application Request “Notice C- Modular transformation of openIMIS”.
The full call for proposals can be found on the Open Proposal Process and Platform (OPP&P).