About openIMIS


openIMIS' genesis harks back to 2012 with Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) support to manage the Community Health Funds' (CHF) business processes in two regions of Tanzania. The Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH), the Micro Insurance Academy (MIA), and Exact Software provided technical expertise. Intended for use in Tanzania, IMIS was adopted quickly for use in schemes in Cameroon and Nepal. In light of IMIS' success, the SDC decided to license it as open-source software under the AGPL3 license and joined with the German Development Cooperation to launch the openIMIS initiative.

openIMIS has grown organically and demonstrated how easy it is to adapt to the various types of health financing systems moving towards UHC.

How did the openIMIS Initiative grow?

The openIMIS Initiative has grown organically, in tandem with its implementations and involved partner organizations:

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