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Newsletter June 2021

In March 2021 the openIMIS initiative launched the French-speaking community of openIMIS. This community allows a share of experience and knowledge on openIMIS in French, with workshops on health insurance and social protection technologies organised every two weeks. 

The first session on 25 May followed an agenda developed with the community members and allowed a share of experience on the use of openIMIS. The minutes of this meeting, as well as the presentations, are available in the wiki.  

After this session our team wrote an article in French which details the processes of openIMIS. Based on the sharing of experience, this article presents the benefits and limitations of the software. You can find the session here: Session 1- Utilisation d'openIMIS

The second session on 8 June provided tools to self-assess an information system on health insurance. This will allow any (future) members to self-assess the technical feasibility of an implementation of openIMIS together with an estimation of the cost. You can find the session here: Session 2: Auto-évaluation de la faisabilité d'openIMIS 

Sessions are scheduled to run until the end of the year, and the next session on the 22 June will emphasise the sharing of experience among members by allowing community members to present their organisation and the challenges they are encountering in implementing openIMIS.

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AI Partner Hackathon

This month openIMIS hosted an AI Partner Hackathon with the goal of developing future project and research ideas around the AI supported claims adjucation module for openIMIS. The module has just gone live in Nepal and is expected to drastically reduce the manpower, resources and time required to review reimbursement claims. This will allow medical officers to concentrate on claims that really need to be reviewed - such as inconsistent or incorrect claims.   
The openIMIS Initiative brainstormed with participants from participants from the Technical University Darmstadt, the Fraunhofer Institute, ILO, mTomady, SwissTPH, Bluesquare and GIZ Programmes in Bonn, India and Nepal to explore and align the specific interests of the different stake holders.    

Find out more about the AI Partner Hackathon here


Virtual timeline, testimonials, slogan for the anniversary campaign

As part of the openIMIS 5th Anniversary campaign, we would like to look back on what we have achieved throughout the years. Rather than just capturing technical advances and numbers related to the software, lets also focus on those who brought us there – the community. Show us your highlights and memories linked to openIMIS – whether these document funny situations with the community, bold strikes in implementations at place or your eye-opening moments in software development. There are three ways how you can contribute: 

  1. Upload your memories (storys, pictures, or videos) here or send them to us by mail. Due to private policy guidelines please also fill out this declaration of consent and send it to [email protected] We will coordinate and post the files on, an interactive timeline. 
  2. Give us a personal testimonial via this openIMIS wiki page. Just follow the instructions there.
  3. The openIMIS 5th Anniversary needs a catchy slogan! Please help us to come up with something that will guide us through the campaign. Get more info's and enter your ideas here.

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