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Newsletter May 2021

At the end of April, the Steering Group Meeting, organised by the openIMIS coordination desk, brought together 46 experts to learn about and engage with the openIMIS initiative. 

Under the overall theme of "openIMIS - a global good in health financing and social protection" openIMIS partners, users and invited representatives of bilateral implementing agencies, donors and international organisations working in the areas of digitalisation, health and social protection, engaged in presentations and discussions to explore

  • the various use cases of openIMIS in health and social protection, 
  • the adaptability of openIMIS in diverse implementation settings, 
  • the role of the community in support of the software solution, and 
  • benefits of a global good approach in health and social protection. 

The following link will guide you to brief summaries of all presentations and snapshots of the group work in our openIMIS wiki.  


Use case factsheets  

Sensitising users, implementers, developers and new partners for the various use cases of openIMIS in health and social protection has been a focus during the last Community and the Steering Group Meeting. Designed in accordance with industry standards for interoperability, openIMIS offers a standardised but adaptable way to manage information flows related to various forms of health insurance, employment injury insurance as well as other social protection schemes by bringing together beneficiary, service provider and scheme operator data into a single platform. Factsheets are now available that explain every use case in detail, including business processes flowcharts.

Some key use cases of openIMIS can be seen here


Generic Implementation Starter Kit 

When implementing openIMIS it is important to look at the bigger picture to see where policy, process, practice, and technology come together. To make it easier for you we developed an Implementation Starter Kit that provides useful information, training resources, and tools to get you started with installing and deploying openIMIS in your system.  
We have compiled these resources to provide an overview of the requirements of the system and walk you through learning tools we have at hand as your organisation takes the openIMIS path to digitalising your business processes. 

You can find the Implementation Starter Kit here


Developer Starter Kit 

The Developer Starter Kit providesyou information and tutorials, starting with an overview on the Conceptual Software Architecture and the used frameworks and standards, to look at each set-up stage more in detail   

You can find the Developer Starter Kit here.