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openIMIS Newsletter December 2020


Collaboration with the International Labour Organization 

We are very happy to announce that the openIMIS initiative and the International Labour Organization (ILO) will be working together for the next 3 years on Supporting the implementation of openIMIS for the administration of social protection schemes in partner countries. This partnership will help openIMIS expand its implementation and knowledge bases as well as support in the development of additional functionality in the tool targeted at social protection schemes beyond health.  

In addition to the direct support provided to partner countries, the collaboration will also focus on developing knowledge and capacity development materials, ultimately cumulating into a structured course on the implementation, governance, and management of management information systems. The content for the course will be based on the experiences from the various country implementations, and the course will be offered by the ILO International Training Center (ILO-ITC) in Turin. 


New partnerships 

We are very happy to announce that we have signed off our major service contracts for the next programme phase. The following teams from AOK Consulting, Bluesquare, SolDevelo and SwissTPH will be responsible for central activities in the coming years under the new contracts: 

  • SwissTPH & SolDevelo: Software Maintenance and User Support: 
    This is the central workstream for ensuring the regular release cycle of openIMIS. The team co-ordinates the integration of new software developments and ensures bug-fixing and user support on several levels. 
  • SwissTPH: Global implementation support, usability and requirements management, and online training platform: 
    SwissTPH will create a directory of openIMIS learning elements in the wiki to ease access for different target groups, support peer-learning between community members and integrate learning contents into well-structured online trainings.  
  • SwissTPH & AOK Consulting: Expanding the knowledge base and increasing implementations: 
    The team will be working with the community to define a product roadmap for openIMIS, to ensure the functionality of the software, and to harvest the knowledge from existing implementations to expand and enrich the knowledge base of openIMIS. Additionally, the team will be providing support for conducting feasibility studies and requirements analysis for scheme operators interested in implementing openIMIS. 
  • Bluesquare: Modular Transformation of the Source Code: 
    This team drives the further migration of the software to a modular version that is based on a pure open-source software stack. As a result of this project, it will be possible to install new openIMIS instances on a Linux server without having to buy server licenses. 

 We are confident that the engagement of all the teams will strongly contribute to building a stronger and vibrant community of practice for openIMIS and to further improve the product! 


UHC Day videos

On UHC Day 2020, we invited openIMIS users and partners to talk about what UHC means for them, their organizations, and how they see a role of digital tools like openIMIS to achieve it. For more videos, and other updates from openIMIS, please follow us @openIMIS on Twitter!