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openIMIS Newsletter January 2021

The openIMIS coordination desk wishes the openIMIS community and all our newsletter recipients a happy and fruitful 2021! We are looking forward to the coming year and the exciting new opportunities that it brings to expand and improve the use of openIMIS. To start the year off on a good note we would like to introduce the openIMIS Catalytic Implementation Fund.


Catalytic Implementation Fund 

The openIMIS initiative aspires to make the openIMIS software, designed for the management of health financing and social protection instruments, available and accessible to as many users as possible. In order to facilitate the improved use of openIMIS among various scheme operators, thereby bringing efficiency in social (health) protection schemes, the long-time supporters of openIMIS (German and Swiss development cooperation agencies, BMZ and SDC) have established a mechanism to allow resources to be made available for getting started with openIMIS implementations. This mechanism is the openIMIS Catalytic Implementation Fund (CIF), and is envisioned to remove the initial barriers for the adoption of openIMIS. 


Objectives of the openIMIS CIF 

The openIMIS CIF has been set up to provide complimentary investments to scheme operators who would like to implement or scale openIMIS in their social (health) protection schemes. The catalytic fund is aimed at helping scheme operators get their schemes off the ground and allow them to keep growing the schemes beyond the initial implementation. The purpose of this fund is not to continuously support an openIMIS implementation, rather to provide the resources to get started and develop a sustainable plan for continued use of the tool. The amount and the type of support available from the CIF will be decided on a case-by-case basis. 


Who can apply? 

The openIMIS Catalytic Implementation Fund is aimed at supporting operators of health financing or other social protection scheme, for implementing openIMIS to manage the scheme’s business processes.  

If you are a scheme operator who feels that openIMIS would be able to support and improve efficiencies in the management of the defined operating procedures of your scheme, the openIMIS CIF could support you in getting started with an implementation! If you need more information about the various types of schemes currently using openIMIS, check out our implementation overview.  


How to get started 

The steps to apply for support from the CIF include a pre-feasibility study, which if positive, lead to a full feasibility study and the development of a plan for support. Further details and the application process can be found in the here.  

In case of additional questions about the found feel free to email us at: [email protected] 

With the openIMIS CIF, we are really looking forward to starting new implementations of openIMIS and supporting various social protection programs to achieve greater efficiencies!