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openIMIS Newsletter October 2020

Various teams within the openIMIS community have been working on designing and developing new functionality for future releases of the software. As part of the Digital Square Notice D1 efforts, two teams are working on a new module for formal sector health insurance, while a team in Nepal is looking into expanding the scope of openIMIS functionality to employment injury insurance. In addition, 2M Corp from Gambia has been working on a customized version of openIMIS for managing a COVID-19 response related cash transfer mechanism. If you are as excited as us regarding these new developments, check out our wiki to learn more! 


Formal Sector Health Insurance 

As part of the Digital Square Notice D1 processes for investment in digital global goods, new functionality for managing business processes related to formal sector health insurance is being developed by teams from SwissTPH and Healthix, Kenya. The added functionality will include the ability to manage employer and employee data, interface with external beneficiary management systems, and design insurance policies for employees including salary based contribution calculations. To learn more about this exciting development, please reach out to us at [email protected]


Employment Injury Insurance 

The Social Security Fund (SSF) Nepal has introduced an Employment Injury Insurance scheme as part of its benefit packages targeted at formal sector employees in Nepal. A team from University of applied Sciences Bonn-Rhein-Sieg and German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV), is working together with GIZ-Nepal and the SSF to develop an additional module in openIMIS to manage the business processes of an employment injury insurance scheme. You can follow the progress here, or get in touch with us directly at [email protected].  


Gambia Cash Transfer Scheme 

The Nafa program was initiated to provide unconditional cash transfer targeting extreme poor households in the Gambia. As a part of the response to COVID-19 the government of Gambia changed parts of the program to help those who are affected by the current pandemic.
The Gambian software developer 2M Corp implemented openIMIS as a Management Information System for managing the cash transfers. Read more 


openIMIS AI-based Claim Adjudication 

Our software development team is currently working on an automatic claims categorization module for openIMIS based on Artificial Intelligence algorithms. The goal is to reduce resources and time required to review a reimbursement claim, thus supporting manpower in more efficient claims management. You can look up the details on the wiki.  


Developers Starter Kit 

BlueSquare has started to record instruction videos for new openIMIS developers. The course is directed at programmers in partner countries and globally who want to use the new modular architecture of openIMIS to adapt the software to the specific needs of their clients. But is also a good place to start, if you want to contribute to the global openIMIS package. The online lectures contain hands-on exercises and come with downloadable coding samples. Get an overview here.

There will be a Q&A session during the first half of November to allow you getting in touch directly with the core developers after you have done the video sessions. Stay tuned to our channels for the precise date and do the exercises to make most effective use of the offer. 


October 2020 openIMIS Release 

SwissTPH is currently working under high pressure to package the new openIMIS release. As the developer teams are working on several new projects (e.g. formal sector support, AI based claims adjudication, migration of beneficiary management), the October release will focus on bug fixes and optimisations. We will post an update on our channels when the package is ready.