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openIMIS Newsletter November 2020


Developer Training 

The openIMIS Initiative is happy to announce a new tutorial series for software developers interested in openIMIS. In cooperation with BlueSquare we published 5 videos on our youtube channel. The goal of the videos is to provide a general understanding on how the new modular architecture works, explain the distinction between frontend and backend and illustrate the importance of modules. On top, there will be an open workshop on November 19th to further the knowledge transfer and answer remaining questions. You can find the tutorials here.  


Digital Square Notice E0/1

As part of the Digital Square Notice E0 to improve their commoditization as stand-alone, interoperable, open-source software products and become “shelf ready,” a consortium of SwissTPH, BlueSquare and SolDevelo have been awarded funding for their proposal to improve the interoperability (FHIR module) and packaging of openIMIS. You can read more about the proposal here.


Global Digital Health Forum

In December 2020, openIMIS will be present at the Global Digital Health Forum showcasing our new developments. We will be working closely together with the Standards and Interoperability Lab of Asia (SILA) to include openIMIS in an digital health interoperability showcase. In addition, we will be present during the poster sessions and take part in discussions throughout the event. We look forward to seeing you all there! 



Just in case you have missed our latest publications from the HealthyDEvelopments portal, we would like to encourage you head over and read about our experiences in the development and curation of a global good, as well as experiences in supporting implementations that are currently directly managing over 5 Million beneficiaries in multiple countries!