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Newsletter July 2021

The French-speaking community of openIMIS is now called Toumaï Community. The community lends its name from the seven million-year-old ‘Toumaï’ cranium, found in northern Chad in 2001. ‘Toumaï’ in Goran language means “hope of life.  As every community needs a good logo, we created one. Tell us what you think about the new logo here on twitter. 

If you want to learn more about the work the Toumaï Community does please consider signing up to our Newsletter here: 


French Language Wiki 

As a support to the Toumaï Community, a new space was created especially for the French speakers. Based on a copy of the openIMIS knowledge base, we gave it a start by translating the glossary and the FAQ sections. While providing a platform to develop and discuss openIMIS strategies and concepts, the wiki technology also allows to maintain the links between different language spaces – just like Wikipedia does this successfully for years now. Well – the first step is done, let’s see where the Toumaï Community is taking this. Feel encouraged to contribute! 


Un wiki en Français 

En soutien à la Communauté Toumaï, un nouvel espace a été créé spécialement pour les intervenants francophones. Cet espace offre une base de connaissances openIMIS, incluant notamment un glossaire  et une foire aux questions (FAQ) ; tout en fournissant une plate-forme pour développer et discuter des stratégies et des concepts de mise en œuvre d’openIMIS. La technologie wiki permet également de maintenir les liens entre les différents espaces linguistiques - comme Wikipédia. Eh bien, la première étape est faite, n’hésitez pas à contribuer!  


Virtual timeline, testimonials, slogan for the anniversary campaign 

As part of the openIMIS 5th Anniversary campaign, we would like to look back on what we have achieved throughout the years. Rather than just capturing technical advances and numbers related to the software, lets also focus on those who brought us there – the community. Show us your highlights and memories linked to openIMIS – whether these document funny situations with the community, bold strikes in implementations at place or your eye-opening moments in software development. There are three ways how you can contribute:  

  1. Upload your memories (storys, pictures, or videos) or send them to us by mail. Due to private policy guidelines please also fill out this declaration of consent and send it to [email protected] We will coordinate and post the files on, an interactive timeline.  
  2. Give us a personal testimonial via this openIMIS wiki page. Just follow the instructions there. 
  3. The openIMIS 5th Anniversary needs a catchy slogan! Please help us to come up with something that will guide us through the campaign. Get more info's and enter your ideas here.