OpenIMIS (Toumai Community) Workshop

This event has passed.
15. March 2022 @ 11:00
 openIMIS pour l'Assurance Maladie:  une Approche Modulaire

Digitalisation of health insurance, besides interconnecting different institutions in charge of managing health insurance, it helps to connect them to the (data from) beneficiaries. That could improve the decision-making with various calculations like the “actuarial studies for costing of services”. Considering the dynamic of the healthcare environment, with internal health financing factors and external factors like COVID-19, it is important to implement a system that can be flexible and adaptable to the various contexts. openIMIS offers this flexibility and more with a future version that integrates a modular approach.
Join the french-speaking community (Toumai Community) of the openIMIS initiative for a workshop on “openIMIS for health Insurance: a Modular Approach” on Tuesday, 15th of March 2022 at 11:00 GMT+1. Register now for the workshop on the following link: