The openIMIS wiki is the main source for community and product-related information. From documentation on community meetings, guides on installation and functionality to implementation experiences, openIMIS wiki serves to share ideas, build community and get work done all in one place. Users can freely access openIMIS wiki without an account and view its content.


ReadtheDocs contains technical openIMIS documentation. On ReadtheDocs, users can find developer documents on the system architecture, versioning and releasing, as well as user documentation for implementers.

openIMIS software development is managed through JIRA. This tool allows for bug tracking, issue tracking, and new feature management to help improve the openIMIS. All information in the openIMIS JIRA queue is publicly accessible. To report news bugs or suggest improvements, or if you have general questions regarding openIMIS software development, please use the Service Desk.

The source code for openIMIS is available on GitHub. Visit openIMIS on GitHub to view and download source code.