WHO Symposyum: The future of Digital health systems 2.0

This event has passed.
04. March 2020
05. March 2020

In the WHO European Region, public health action for digital health is facilitated through the digitalization of health systems initiative which works to support countries in their assessment and adoption of digital technologies as part of broader efforts to modernize health systems and health services delivery.

The European roadmap for the digitalization of national health systems will present an action-oriented approach to operationalizing WHO’s global digital health strategy by bringing together the basic building blocks of digital health systems, with a particular emphasis on equity and governance. It aims to address the “how” in digitalizing health systems by addressing soft and hard factors, drivers, influences and accelerators – internal and external to the health sector – that determine broad-scale success in implementing digital health. The roadmap will also offer a vision of the future of the digitalization of health systems and highlight the need for a transition from systems focused on delivering reactive care to a new model oriented towards a paradigm of preventive health. The roadmap will be presented to the WHO Regional Committee for Europe for approval in September 2020.

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