Get started

Welcome! This page contains all the resources and information you need to get started with openIMIS.

This page will:

  • Give you information about the software

  • Provide you with a demo tutorial and videos

  • Guide you through the various implementation steps and requirements

  • Provide you with the latest and most relevant training materials for openIMIS implementation in the field

  • Provide access to tender materials to help you conceptualize your project.


The Initiative is built on the principle of collaboration and collective effort to improve the system and its future implementation. Gains made by the system and its resources are designed to be fed back to all users, helping improve and optimize the use of the system by all.


This is why our repository of materials for the implementation of openIMIS is available publicly. We hope these shared resources will provide you with insight and a basis from which to compare implementation efforts across different locations. In addition to cross-learning, these resources should help you optimize your own implementation efforts.


Get to know the software
Get to know the software
Training materials