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March 16
openIMIS Newsletter February 2021
openIMIS is turning five, let`s celebrate! Starting from April 2021 we are planning a variety of events and as part of the anniversary campaign, we would like to look back on what we have achieved throughout the years. Rather than just capturing technical advances and numbers related to the software, lets also focus on those…
January 29
openIMIS Newsletter January 2021
  Happy New Year  The openIMIS coordination desk wishes the openIMIS community and all our newsletter recipients a happy and fruitful 2021! We are looking forward to the coming year and the exciting new opportunities that it brings to expand and improve the use of openIMIS. To start…
Christmas Logo
December 21
2020 Season's greetings
Thanks to our community members and all partners of the openIMIS Initiative for another year of inspiring collaboration and bold achievements. Working together as a community, we established new implementations of openIMIS with the Social Security Fund in Nepal, PharmAccess in Zanzibar, and 2M Corp in…
December 17
openIMIS Newsletter December 2020
  Collaboration with the International Labour Organization  We are very happy to announce that the openIMIS initiative and the International Labour Organization (ILO) will be working together for the next 3 years on Supporting the implementation of openIMIS for the administration of…
November 18
openIMIS Newsletter November 2020
  Developer Training  The openIMIS Initiative is happy to announce a new tutorial series for software developers interested in openIMIS. In cooperation with BlueSquare we published 5 videos on our youtube channel. The goal of the videos is to provide a general understanding on how the new modular architecture works,…
November 17
October Release 2020 of openIMIS
The openIMIS Initiative is happy to announce the October software release of openIMIS for this year. As we are starting with a number of new development projects these days, the release is mainly focusing on bugfixes and performance optimizations. Follow the links below for lists with the included changes: https://openimis.…
October 23
openIMIS Newsletter October 2020
Various teams within the openIMIS community have been working on designing and developing new functionality for future releases of the software. As part of the Digital Square Notice D1 efforts, two teams are working on a new module for formal sector health insurance, while a team in Nepal is looking into expanding the…
August 17
openIMIS Newsletter August 2020
An article about openIMIS has been published on Healthy Developments, an online platform of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development which provides information on health and social protection. The article by Karen Birdsall covers the development of openIMIS from a locally designed software to a…
aehin webinar
July 27
July 27 - AeHIN Webinar: Role of openIMIS in the Health Informatics Management course an in MD-MBA curriculum in the Philippines
Did you enjoy last weeks webinar on integrating openIMIS in the public health curriculum? You can learn more on the role of openIMIS in the Health Informatics Management course an in MD-MBA curriculum in the Philippines at the AeHIN Hour webinar on July 22 at 9pm Manila time! Register now at https://t.co/1dIMHjhHS3?amp=1