November 16
October software release of openIMIS 2022
The openIMIS Initiative is happy to announce the October software release of openIMIS for this year. With this release it will be possible to install the openIMIS core on a full open source technology stack, eliminating the need to install software components from Microsoft. Implementers now have the choice if they want keep…
November 7
Bangladesh launches employment injury scheme by using openIMIS
Bangladesh launched a ground-breaking employment injury scheme – the first of its kind – providing income protection for workers in the country’s ready-made garment sector   This pioneering scheme, named EIS Pilot, will ensure that, for a trial period of three years, all workers in the export-oriented ready-made…
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October 31
openIMIS e-learning course on
The openIMIS initiative launched an e-learning course on   The self-paced course on the open-source software will allow you to learn more about the features of openIMIS. Furthermore, you get to know where the software was successfully implemented. The course consists of 4 modules:  Module 1…
openIMIS Initiative opens up Beta testing phase
April 4
openIMIS Initiative opens up Beta testing phase
The openIMIS Initiative opens up the  Beta testing phase to a wider audience. You are now able to play around with new features before the product is even released. Of course the features will not all work as expected at this stage, but you are helping the team to achieve a higher quality level by reporting bugs that you…
April 4
openIMIS Newsletter March 2022
Wrapping up phase 1 in Niger  As a further step towards universal health care coverage, Bluesquare started a project to implement openIMIS in Niger with funding from the Belgian Development Agency Enabel. The project successfully set up openIMIS for a health insurance scheme in two districts, Gaya and Gothèye. ´A first…
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February 28
openIMIS Newsletter February 2022
After the successful implementation of openIMIS for the health financing policy in Zanzibar, the Ministry of Health, Social Welfare, Gender, Elderly and Children (MoHSWGEC) has embarked an interest to utilize openIMIS  for the establishment and management of a health insurance scheme. openIMIS will be customised by the Ministry…
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January 31
openIMIS Newsletter January 2022
After a successful pilot exercise, the government of Tanzania has done a national roll-out of the Community Health Fund (CHF) e-payment system with over one million active members. The system is expected to improve the management of the fund by reducing overall costs and facilitating payment of membership contributions. To…
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January 17
Steering Group Meeting 2021: A Wrap-Up
openIMIS ended the year 2021 with a successful and exciting Steering Group Meeting (SGM). More than 50 experts from bilateral implementing agencies, donors and international organizations discussed one topic: Digital public goods in social protection. The event was hosted by the Steering Group participants: the German Federal…
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December 22
Newsletter December 2021
The openIMIS Initiative is happy to announce the 2nd software release for this year. Being an Anniversary Release, the developers have put in a lot of new and impressive features:  An AI module that supports automatic claims adjudication  Modules to allow to set up schemes for the formal sector  A new set of…