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November 26
Newsletter November 2021
A webinar on “openIMIS – a global good to manage health and social protection schemes” was hosted by the International Social Security Association (ISSA) on the 26th of October 2021. Saurav Bhattarai (openIMIS advisor) started the webinar by introducing the openIMIS initiative to the participants. Discussions went further to…
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November 19
Upcoming Event: Steering Group Meeting
It's that time again: The openIMIS initiative invites to the Steering Group Meeting. On November 25 it will be all about Digital Public Goods. The guiding theme of the meeting: implementation and collaboration between digital public goods in social protection. The background for this choice of topic is the certification of…
openIMIS Happy Birthday Celebration Anniversary
November 12
Happy Birthday, openIMIS!
Time to celebrate: openIMIS turns 5 years old. For this occasion, our team has been working on three very special videos: What is openIMIS? / Qu'est-ce qu'openIMIS ? How does openIMIS work? / Comment fonctionne openIMIS ? How can openIMIS be used? / Comment utiliser openIMIS ? The videos are…
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November 5
Newsletter October 2021
The community connect engaged the openIMIS community and partners in discussions on a wide range of topics – from the social protection convergence initiative, to formal sector related requirements to a management information system, indicators on an openIMIS implementation for social protection schemes and marketing measures…
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September 30
Newsletter September 2021
In September 2021, openIMIS was added to the Digital Public Goods Alliance DPG Registry. The goal of the DPGA is to promote digital public goods to create a fairer world. Being recognized as a Digital Public Good (DPG) increases the visibility and the support for open projects that have the potential to tackle global challenges…
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September 1
Newsletter August 2021
In June 2021, Bluesquare started a project to implement openIMIS in Niger with funding from the Belgian Development Agency Enabel. The project aims to set up openIMIS for a health insurance scheme in two districts, Gaya and Gothèye. A first version of openIMIS was deployed under the legacy architecture and most of the…
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August 3
Newsletter July 2021
The French-speaking community of openIMIS is now called Toumaï Community. The community lends its name from the seven million-year-old ‘Toumaï’ cranium, found in northern Chad in 2001. ‘Toumaï’ in Goran language means “hope of life.  As every community needs a good logo, we created one. Tell us what you think about the new…
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August 3
Newsletter June 2021
In March 2021 the openIMIS initiative launched the French-speaking community of openIMIS. This community allows a share of experience and knowledge on openIMIS in French, with workshops on health insurance and social protection technologies organised every two weeks.  The first session on 25 May followed an agenda…
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August 2
Newsletter May 2021
At the end of April, the Steering Group Meeting, organised by the openIMIS coordination desk, brought together 46 experts to learn about and engage with the openIMIS initiative.  Under the overall theme of "openIMIS - a global good in health financing and social protection" openIMIS partners, users and invited…