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openIMIS Highlights of January

openIMIS initiative supports the management of HIV scheme in Cameroon 

As part of a support measure through the openIMIS Catalytic Implementation Fund, the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute will support the implementation of openIMIS for managing the Ministry of Health’s HIV user fee elimination scheme. The implementation focusses on  

  • fine-tuning the existing standard operating procedures,  

  • deploying the latest release of openIMIS with required customizations,  

  • and supporting the establishment of a local openIMIS community of practice.  

With multiple schemes relying on openIMIS in Cameroon, a vibrant local community of practice will be able to exchange knowledge and information on openIMIS amongst themselves as well as with the global openIMIS community. 


The Digital Health Innovation Accelerator Program- Keynote 

We are pleased to present to you the first video about openIMIS published by the World Food Program Innovation Accelerator in 2023. This is the recording of the Coordination Desk keynote at the Digital Health Innovation Bootcamp in November. In 24 minutes, you will get a sense of what Digital Public Goods mean in health and social protection with a focus on openIMIS. The video provides basic knowledge about openIMIS and an overview of tools used in the openIMIS community. 
You can find the video here: Digital Health Innovation Accelerator Program - Keynote: Uwe Wahser - YouTube 

The following link will take you to the PowerPoint slides used during in the presentation:  2022-11-14 Digital Health Innovation Accelerator Bootcamp - openIMIS - openIMIS Wiki ( 
Have fun watching!  


The openIMIS initiative takes part in the ISSA webinar series 

The openIMIS initiative took part in a webinar hosted by the International Social Security Association (ISSA) on 31st of January 2023. The webinar was about “Artificial Intelligence applications in health care.” Dragos Dobre from Swiss TPH shared  experiences with the openIMIS claim AI module for claim management. 

ISSA is an international organization that supports international security and government institutions in implementing social protection administration. The ISSA was founded in 1927 under the auspices of the ILO and has over 320 member institutions from over 160 countries today. 


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