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openIMIS e-learning course on

The openIMIS initiative launched an e-learning course on   The self-paced course on the open-source software will allow you to learn more about the features of openIMIS. Furthermore, you get to know where the software was successfully implemented. The course consists of 4 modules: 

Module 1: The Basics 
Module 2: openIMIS and the national eHealth landscape 
Module 3: openIMIS Use Cases 
Module 4: Sustainability & the role of the openIMIS Community 
After completion of all modules and the self-assessment, you will be able to acquire knowledge on openIMIS and understand how it can contribute to countries‘ digital health ecosystems. Moreover, you get to know how openIMIS can support strategies to increase access to UHC and USP. 
To join the course, you can create a free account on in just a few minutes. You can pause the self-paced course at any time and continue it at another time.

Click on the link to join the e-learning course: Introduction to openIMIS |