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Newsletter December 2021

The openIMIS Initiative is happy to announce the 2nd software release for this year. Being an Anniversary Release, the developers have put in a lot of new and impressive features: 

  • An AI module that supports automatic claims adjudication 
  • Modules to allow to set up schemes for the formal sector 
  • A new set of FHIR APIs (R4) that allows to connect to external beneficiary registers or 3rd party insurance systems 
  • More modules that were migrated into the new modular architecture 
  • An updated mobile app 
  • New data synchronisation module for DHIS2 data 

Furthermore, several improvements in the application itself and in the interoperability layer have been made. Feel free to browse the full list of changes in the Release Notes and to check out the usual links for further information and downloads:

Kindly be aware of the Service Desk to report issues that you might experience with this new version. 

openIMIS contributions to the Global Digital Health Forum 

openIMIS was present in this year’s Global Digital Health Forum with three sessions! The first session on December 6th focused on the experiences from the use of openIMIS for two different health financing schemes in Cameroon – micro health insurance and HIV fee elimination. This panel session included experts from the two schemes in Cameroon as well as from the openIMIS coordination desk. On day 2 of the forum, we had a pre-formed panel discussion regarding the communities of practice of openIMIS in Asia as well as an individual presentation on the newly released AI module of openIMIS.  

We are very proud to have been part of the GDHF since 2017 and look forward to continued participation and exchange at the forum in the coming years! 

The presentations and other documentation of the event can be found here

Celebrating Universal Health Coverage Day 

On the 12th of December 2021, the openIMIS initiative joined its voice to millions of others to advocate for universal health coverage. The achievement to quality health for all is one of the most important goals and the openIMIS initiative is happy to contribute to this goal. Everybody should be able to have access to health without suffering any financial hardships. Here is what some of our members of the Toumai community had to say: 

La SCU est d’une importance capitale car elle permet à toutes les couches d’avoir accès aux soins, tout en évitant de s’appauvrir davantage. Ainsi les démunis ont accès aux soins suivant un principe d’èquité.


Steering Group Meeting November 2021 

The November session of the Steering Group Meeting (SGM) successfully took place on 25th November 2021. It was attended by over 50 participants, experts from bilateral implementing agencies, donors and international organisations working in the fields of digitalisation, health and social protection.

Session I, facilitated by BMZ, introduced an example of an implementing agency which took up openIMIS in its health programmes in Niger, Mauritania and Zanzibar: Enabel presented its implementations via two approaches, within a bilateral programme in Niger and through the WeHubit programme in Zanzibar, implemented by PharmAccess.    

In session II (panel discussion) collaboration between Digital Public Goods in social protection formed the center of discourse between experts from the ILO, World Bank (CoreMIS), UNICEF (HOPE), the Social Protection Convergence Initiative and the openIMIS Coordination Desk. SDC facilitated the exchange around interoperability and standard building in social protection, reflected from the side of users and their needs as well as from the angle of providers of digital solutions in social protection and their contributions. A detailed minutes reader of the SGM will be available in the wiki towards the end of December 2021 and shared with participants by beginning of next year.


Season’s Greetings 

During the holiday season, our thoughts turn gratefully to all of you who have made our success possible. It is in this spirit that the openIMIS team says thank you to all our community members, to our partners and funders for another successful year. Sending out the best wishes to you and your family for the holidays and a happy new year!