openIMIS initiative opens up beta testing phase

openIMIS Initiative opens up Beta testing phase

The openIMIS Initiative opens up the  Beta testing phase to a wider audience. You are now able to play around with new features before the product is even released. Of course the features will not all work as expected at this stage, but you are helping the team to achieve a higher quality level by reporting bugs that you might find.

The developers have put in a lot of new and impressive features. Some of them you can already try out on the release server:

  • Full modular version
  • Payment layer
  • New version of the FHIR API

Furthermore, a number of improvements in the application itself and in the interoperability layer have been made. Feel free to browse the full list of changes in the release notes and to check out the usual links for further information and testing:

  • Release Server (same credentials as the Demo server)
  • Testing scenarios / Instructions
  • Test Management Platform
  • Documentation (might not be fully updated to the new release, yet)

Kindly be aware of the Service Desk to report issues that you might experience with this new version. 
Stay tuned! For more information visit: Release 2022-04 - openIMIS - Confluence (